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As the name suggests this restaurant serves Mexican, Italian and Chinese and even a limited Indian menu! Believe it or not, on hearing that the first thing that came to my mind was that the food, would be below par. With such a busy menu, I thought no cuisine would really be in focus. But the crowds thronging this place and the good reviews made me curious to try.

The first time we did not get a reservation. Yes ladies and gents you need to reserve in advance, to get a table here. The second time as well, we went through quite a rigmarole to get a table. We had to call and book and then call again to confirm. We still had to wait for 15 minutes, before we were finally seated.

So if you do make the trek to Borivali, do remember I warned you about the wait. And if your wondering what made me make the trek? I shall leave that for another blog. However I am sure that the experience will be enough of a reward. Let the pictures tell the story..

Fresh mango Mojitos

Mango Mojitos so good!

This is a family restaurant and still doesn’t have its alcohol license. However when we went they had a Mango Mocktails   festival. They were superlative and the seasonal mango Mojitos had all the freshness and lightness of real mango.No flavour involved. Highly recommended.



Chicken Tikka Nachos and Smoked Barbeque chicken.

Cheesy Nachos…say goodbye diet!

Take me to Nacho heaven, the nachos were over laden with everything, lots of generosity here  as you can see.The smoked chicken from the special menu, was oh sooo good too. After the nachos, one wouldn’t blame you if you thought it was the end.  But not for us, it helps when you are with company that has good appetites.


Aji de pollo Peruano & Pollo Arvejado

Pollo Arvejado


Aji de pollo Peruano

These European dishes did not do too badly and we were soon too full to have desert. That just means we are coming back for more.

A restaurant for a wholesome family meal and there is nothing diet friendly about it

Drinks: 7 ( a little alcohol would make it 10/10), Food: 8, Service: 7 & Ambience: 7

A value for money restaurant, a meal for 3  was 2400rs




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