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Getting spiritual with a visit to the ‘Pyramids of Chi’

When you visit Bali you realize that it is a juxtaposition of beaches and big malls, of latest American brands and ancient spiritualism. Thus, old and new go together and this is especially true on the main island. The population in Bali is 80% Hindu. But along with this ancient religion there are many different spiritual practices and alternative therapies that are prevalent here.

This is a recount of our tryst with one of them. While the husband wanted to explore wildlife, I was definitely pulled in the spiritual direction. Because we had already visited the Macaque monkeys at the Sacred Monkey forest, the spiritual experience won. So, we travelled to the Ubud rice fields, where two Americans have set up pyramids, called the ‘Pyramids of Chi’. Appearing as a vision to the owners, while they were meditating, they were then compelled to build these structures here.

Soaking up the Ubud Rice fields

The Pyramids are built to be conducive to sound and are 1/6th the scale of the Pyramids at Giza. The center is known for their sound healing and relaxation therapy. The Pyramids are in the middle of a rice field and the atmosphere is very calm with green fields as far as the eye can see. You get only vegan food in their café and there is also a small shop from where we bought crystals with different properties, while we waited for our session to start. Phone connectivity is not available as you step on to the campus.

The Pyramids of Chi in all their Glory

We decided to experience a sound therapy session, which they conduct in both groups as well as one on one. The session started with Kevin the course conductor (or gong master) telling us a bit about the therapy, expected impact and how to handle any powerful feelings that may arise. At first, I thought this is something I have not experienced before; however, I was reminded of the Tibetan bowls that are so common in India. Infact I had gone for a meditative session where they used these bowls and that is the simplest form of sound therapy. So, while I had some familiarity with what we were to experience I was still a bit apprehensive.

Our group was then taken into the Pyramids and made to wear eye pillows that would cut out the light. We were made to sleep around the center which is filled with different gongs, digeridoo and drums that were to be played during the session. For 90 minutes, we experienced a whole world of sounds, if not to heal us of our negativities, atleast put us in a state of heightened relaxation. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I especially remember one of the instruments that sounded like a herd of elephants. I kept feeling sensations that would get heightened and then lessen. While I felt really light, my husband went to sleep during the session.

I have had my fair share of spiritual experiences over the years, still I would recommend this one. The beautiful way everything is done, from the lovely place where the pyramids are housed, to the relaxed vibe of the staff, calmness and prettiness permeates everything. Hence it should be experienced if you are visiting Bali. 

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