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Upgrade your regular snack with Granola!

Healthy Granola
Breakfast made easy

I want to eat healthier and on recommendation of a friend, picked up a bottle of Granola from Natures basket. This had me inadvertently try out a new foodie trend. With the wave of healthy/vegan/keto/non-diary milk trends, granola is both healthy and vegan. However, we found a homemade one that will definitely give the store-bought one a run for its money.

For those of you who don’t know Granola was used as trail mix. Good for active people, as it is nutritious, light and easy to carry while you hike. Made of a mix of nuts, seeds, rolled oats and fruits, it can be customized as you like it. The sweeteners can be honey (sugar free), raw or brown sugar.

Home chef Niti’s granola came highly recommended. Had to try her out because there were three elements that I love to support 1) She is a small business 2) Uses all healthy ingredients 3) The food is homemade. 

True to form Niti’s Granola is well toasted and fresh. The sesame seeds (you can use sunflower/ flax seeds) that she used was a big hit with my mom. I could also see that she had used ingredients like walnuts and almonds, figs and raisins. It can make a good substitute for your regular breakfast of bacon and eggs. If you don’t believe me you can ask my husband, who gave it a big thumbs up! You need to add in milk and bananas and it can be eaten like cereal.Put it in curd or eat it plain and it can also make a good snack. She also used honey hence the product was sugar free.

April is the month me and the husband jointly embark on healthy eating in a bid to lose weight and remain fit. Let’s hope that this is a step in that direction. Any suggestions on how we can keep up the healthy regime will be welcome.

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